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Do you want to complete all the Fortnite challenges? If so, you must obtain a speed higher than 27 past these radar signs. These radar signs are scattered all over the map which can be seen below.

This challenge can be complected via two ways,

  1. Golf cart
  2. All Terrain Kart (ATK)

In my opinion, the easiest is the ATK. All you have to do is drive up-to these signs and press boost and you usually get around 29-30 on the radar sign. This is enough to complete the challenge for any radar sign. You must do this to 5 signs on the map in order to fully complete the challenge.

Need to complete old weekly challenges? Check out this post on how to do so. The map with the radar cameras is visible is here:

Fortnite Radar Locations | Paul Foley Blogs

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