Fortnite season 6

The first week of Fortnite Season 6 has passed but in this first week of challenges, a certain challenge requires you to dance under streetlight spotlights. In the picture below you can see the streetlight locations. It is a rough circle of where they are located.

If you want to see the lights as you are falling/gliding, look for lamp posts with speakers attached to them near the top. These are the lights you must dance under.

When you are near the lamppost, disco music will begin to play. Make your way under the streetlight spotlight and begin dancing. Any dance will do. Once you begin dancing, a message will appear on the top left showing your progress of this challenge. You are required to dance under 7 streetlight spotlights in order to complete the challenge. While you’re here, why not check out Season 5’s Jigsaw Challenge.

fortnite streetlight spotlight locations


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